4 comments on “The Right Plan for Me

  1. This is a really neat blog! I’m sure it would be helpful for someone going through what you’ve already dealt with. I really like stuff like this because it lets people learn from other people’s experiences. Too many people are too stingy with their knowledge, especially when it could help someone else.

    • Thanks, Chad! I agree about the importance of sharing our knowledge and experiences to help others going through the same thing and educate people in general. I try to be as open as possible not only on this blog but also in daily life in hopes of accomplishing that.

  2. You’re right! Everyone needs to find what works for them, and if not being on a meal plan is better for you then go for it! I was frustrated when I first started too, so confusing and unrealistic. I finally got the hang of things and now I gear my blog towards helping others with their meal plans. Let me know if you ever need help- there are definitely ways make your plan work for you if you ever want to try it out again 🙂

    Best of luck to you!

    • Thank you! That is great that you finally got the hang of your meal plan and are helping others! It definitely is a challenge to learn, especially when first diagnosed with diabetes and so much information is given in a short amount of time. But who knows, maybe someday I will try it again!

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