7 comments on “The Other Half of Diabetes

  1. Diabetes, Depression & anxiety can be a pretty vicious cycle, where each cause problems for the others.

    I liked your acknowledgment that emotional states relating to diabetes can affect people around us.

  2. Love the saying! I’m sorry you have to deal with the anxiety and depression on top of diabetes. The mental side of diabetes really is the toughest!

  3. I’m sure your mom is glad to be able to support you. I don’t take my daughter’s diabetes struggles personally and it is wonderful that you recognize the compassion your mom brings to the situation. Great job being able to be honest about the depression and anxiety that so often accompanies diabetes – you are clearly strong!

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I was nervous to open up and share about the depression and anxiety, but it is part of my journey and is very common with diabetes.

  4. It’s so hard not to feel anxious around blood sugar levels. We deal with a lot on top of our lives already. I know I’ve definitely felt this way at some point or another.

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